At MusiCorner, we don’t just sell music, we share it.

John has always been passionate about music and mainly about the sensory emotion it brings. He decided to create MusiCorner in 2020. Based in Geneva, MusiCorner offers to the largest number of audiophiles and music lovers, the best musical “Bouquets” carefully assembled.

The most racy and harmonious aural and visual Bouquets that can play all music, from the abysmal bass of an organ to the high-pitched aerials of Kimmy Skota, at affordable prices, that can be listened to by Mr. and Mrs. everyone.

Music is the art of sound. It affects us by revealing our passions and emotions. Like many people, John fell in love with music. His goal today is to make it possible for as many people as possible to listen to wonderful and emotional music. 


The ear allows us to explore rooms without seeing them. Music fills these living spaces and carries us away. We humans have always been fascinated by this immersion, by losing ourselves in our own foreign world. Providing beautiful music is our calling. It is only when everything comes together in harmony that sound comes to life – music becomes emotion.

To achieve this, we use only the best components for our Bouquets, which are harmoniously matched to each other over a long listening period. We assemble with great attention to detail, use the best “Instruments” and “Interpreters” with the most natural sounds to create wonderful “Orchestras“ and try to find what we are looking for preferably in Switzerland.

So you can buy our Bouquets to blindy with the best price/quality and sound ratio for your budget, without having to waste years of painstaking research and without losing dizaines of thousands of Francs before finding that beautiful music you are looking for.


To go further with a high-end system, you need to improve resolution, bandwidth, attack and bass speed, and increase listening comfort.

Many systems emphasize more or less one part of the sound spectrum to the detriment of the rest. The majority of the systems privilege the top of the spectrum. It is enough to go to a concert from time to time to realize it. It is an artifice to give an impression of transparency and precision. Many people also prefer the beautiful to the real, why not? To this John replies: “Too much beauty inevitably reduces the richness of what we hear”.

We had therefore created high end Bouquets to hear everything, without emphasis, as during a real acoustic concert.



By favoring the upper midrange, we obtain light and airy violins that attract our attention more than violas or cellos. We also soften the female voices, Patricia Petibon becomes an angel, Patricia Barber has never smoked or drunk in her life and Jacques Brel has never left his short panties.


By favoring the low register, the double bass becomes very carnal and enveloping, Nirvana “doesn’t break the ears anymore” and one manages to fit a grand piano in one’s 20 m² living room. The violas, still them, are untraceable and it is difficult to identify the type of clarinet which plays.


By favoring the high register, the sources are better localized, there is an erroneous impression of increased precision, the attacks are faster, the snare drum of a drum kit “blows us away”. But the classical guitar goes to folk, and when Archie Sheep takes out his tenor sax, “we all go under the seats after a minute”.