At MusiCorner, we live the most beautiful and exciting adventure of all: the enjoyment of music.

MusiCorner offers several listening rooms in which various music packages at various affordable budgets can be listened to and compared.

If you are not already equipped, we hope that you will leave MusiCorner with your music package under your arm. And of course, you will not be abandoned once the installation is installed in your home since you will benefit from our personalized advice at all times.

MusiCorner proposes a partnership and a modest but selective Hi-Fi sales concept that can be listened to in vivo, in imperfectly real living room conditions as encountered in everyone’s home.

Products that are certainly limited, but among the best in the world without exaggeration and without boasting, selected and harmoniously assembled, so that they can sing emotional music in your home. Whether it is Pop, RnB, Blues, Jazz, Classical, etc. our compositions must be able to sing anything.


MusiCorner offers listening rooms in which you can listen quietly, without stress, without disturbance, to selections, “Bouquets”, sets, Hi-Fi systems, with speakers and amplifiers-DAC-streamer-etc. that sound wonderful in everyone and that are transportable, if possible, by one man or maximum two.

And this is not without reason, because the best speakers in the world are often extremely heavy. In today’s increasingly mobile and nomadic society, where apartments are becoming more and more expensive and cramped, these “itinerant” music lovers cannot travel with 280 kg of almost non-transportable speakers in their luggage.

We have therefore created listening rooms dedicated to Hi-Fi music, living spaces similar to those found in apartments around the world: small to medium-sized perfectly… imperfect rooms. Your living room at home has better acoustics than ours. The result will be even better at home.



In order to bring you a little closer to the realization of your dream Hi-Fi system and/or home theater, all the Bouquets offered by MusiCorner are available for listening tests in our closed rooms.


Our listening rooms are Coronasafe, since listening is by appointment only and individually. In addition, our lounges have double-flow ventilation and are air-conditioned, which is very pleasant in the summer during the heat waves.


Whether you come alone or as a couple, you are very welcome and we will welcome you with an excellent organic Champagne and delicious butter flutes to make your listening even more pleasant. For the gentleman alone, he will have his cold craft beer, a rosé or a red of an excellent vintage.


Our team will accompany you in your purchasing process. We are of course at your disposal to advise you, help you and answer your questions.


If you live too far from us, you can choose your Bouquet via “Click & Delivery”. Place your orders by contacting us and you will be delivered as soon as possible.