Which Hi-Fi equipment ? The “Rolls”, nothing else, at an affordable price…

It is necessary to offer pure sound, emotion. Certainly, a quasi “monomarque” seems almost impossible at first sight because each ear is different and it is unusual in the branch. But not so much. In fact, we use the best products to create several exceptional Hi-Fi Bouquets. The way the Bouquets make music sound is so good it’s addictive.

No one is questioning the prestige Rolls-Royce, a sporty Ferrari or an elegante Aston Martin, or a Chateau Petrus. Why should it be any different in any other field of excellence? And for the majority of red wine lovers, most cannot afford a vintage of Romanée-Conti Grand Cru, Côte de Nuits at 50’000.00 CHF, but can afford good vintages of Bordeaux that will give them a lot of pleasure.


Many audiophiles and music lovers have to spend a lot of time and money if they want to find their ideal Hi-Fi system. In fact, very often the total bill for the music system accumulated over decades frequently exceeds hundreds of thousands of Francs before finally finding the “right“ assembly.

Our concept is to offer musical Bouquets at the best price/musicality ratio. We are convinced that they meet our high standards of live music and we let you decide.

You can buy them blind and choose between several “dimensions” pre-confectioned by these Bouquets but always a beautiful, warm, dynamic, rich, musical, airy, emotional music. This music must be smooth, fluid, “human” even at low volume. It can be delicate and sound great, even at low volume. They are the kings of low volume.


At MusiCorner, we create assemblies, Hi-Fi systems – our “Bouquets” – that play the most beautiful music possible. A bit like the music that comes out of the violins of the Stradivarius. We study and assemble our own bouquets of music as optimized as possible.

Concretely, this consists in marrying devices that “match” each other to highlight each “Instrument” (electronics) and the “Performers” (speakers) in order to create small but fabulous “Orchestras” (“Bouquets”) that bring this famous lively and sparkling music in your living rooms for a long time.

We combine the best DACs, streamers, preamplifiers, amplifiers and phono stages, linked together with the right cables, equipped with the right power supply. With just a few such devices, a few carefully selected speakers, cables, etc., all harmoniously combined, several excellent Bouquets can be assembled, offered for listening and of course also for different budgets.

It is very difficult, but also very rewarding when it is successful. Many years of research have brought us so close to this desire of our philosophy that we are proud to come so close to perfection today: to create exceptional Bouquets, the little “Stradivarius” of Hi-Fi.


The minimum is also dimensional. What could be more frightening and disturbing than a panoply of large and bulky devices that are all interconnected with numerous cables.

“Less is more, even much more.”

We have found for you modern, elegant, compact “Instruments” and “Interpreters” that are sometimes closer to High-End than to Hi-Fi than one might think. In addition, MusiCorner strives to make the Bouquets elegant and appealing to women also, while being robust and reliable.


For an orchestra to work well, you need first of all excellent musicians and their excellent instruments and then an excellent conductor. For a Bordeaux wine to be exceptional, you need high quality grape varieties and expert winemaking. In Hi-Fi it’s very similar: you need an assembly of electronics and speakers of the highest quality to make the music a nectar.

With our “Bouquets” we offer you excellent musical “Bordeaux” and “Champagne” that you can buy blind, just as you can buy a delicious Bordeaux or Champagne in a specialized store where you buy them without tasting them first.

For those who can, at MusiCorner you can nevertheless taste our musical “Bordeaux” and “Champagnes” without constraints. And you’ll see, it’s guaranteed, they won’t taste like… cork, which can happen to the best Bordeaux.

And for those who live too far from us, you can choose your bouquet via “Click & Delivery”.



At MusiCorner you can choose a musical bouquet with your eyes closed but also by listening to them. We receive you in our listening rooms for a musical tête-à-tête in all tranquillity.


Just the smallest Bouquet, doesn’t limit you and doesn’t limit its system, it is open and the investment is not lost, on the contrary. If your musical appetite should grow with time, it can evolve without problems to get a little closer to the grail of music.


Although the smallest Bouquet is already extraordinary, MusiCorner has planned everything so that you can grow and evolve to almost Stradivari music, adding “Instruments” giving you almost an “Orchestra” at La Scala in Milan at home.